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Evolution of Hiring Technology
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Person talking in Pitch

Architects of Your Business Growth Accelerator

Flentis, as a VMS company, understands the root causes of business and market deficits in providing comprehensive staffing and recruiting software solutions. That’s where the industry’s best minds with 50+ years in the Human Resource industry came together to design and engineer a top-notch platform, FlentisPRO for you.

Analytical Visibility

As problem-solvers, we take pride in catering the best recruitment software to you with a detail-oriented yet crystal-clear process workflow that aids you in taking control of your hands.

Agile Methodlogies

Our techies work tirelessly to keep this recruiting technology true to your business needs using the latest software and solving your perplexing problems on our platform.

Improved Hire Time

FlentisPRO VMS is easy to use and enables hiring managers, MSPs, HRs, vendors, and candidates to power through the recruitment process efficiently.

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Just A New VMS? Even Better

FlentisPRO is a “Tried, Tested & Testified” recruiting management software that does more than usual. Our clients choose us over others not just for our new features but for owning a product with One Million+ Built Hours that improvised the existing technology for a seamless user experience.

Vendor Management System

With our white-label VMS, automating the error-prone processes is like a jackpot. White-label your VMS and launch into the market fully equipped. We serve all industries including healthcare.

Supplier Management

FlentisPRO VMS simplifies the vendor onboarding process, making it effortless from the get-go. Our platform allows you to efficiently oversee your suppliers' pool and evaluate their overall performance.

Timesheet and Expense Management

Attendance tracking was always challenging. But now create your approval flow with just a few clicks. Our timesheet & expense management tool is the most advanced functionality in the market. Every user loves it!

Comprehensive Onboarding & Offboarding

Total talent management solution begins with finding the right candidate at the right time and ends with gaining the trust of the workers even when they’re departing from the assignment. True success with FlentisPRO VMS!

Document and Compliance Management

From supplier to employee documentation, FlentisPRO VMS takes out the hassle of compliance tracking, document storage, and retrieval. Meet regulatory requirements confidently and hire your staff effortlessly.

Predictive & Custom Reporting

The power of data-driven process workflow is now here to revolutionize how the recruitment industry works. Ask FlentisPRO for anything and it’ll provide you with deep-dive insights that’ll make decision-making risk-free.

Third-Party Tech Integration

We promise a delicacy of HR technology and not just a one-course meal (platform!) With plug-and-play open API infrastructure, we connect your enterprise solutions to our VMS for a full tech-stack experience.

Talent Pool and Candidate Engagement

Sourcing candidates shouldn’t be halfway through the process. Now built your personal talent pool and provide them with an engaged candidate experience. Let’s talk about a quick, efficient, and clutter-free solution!

Trust Is Earned

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While many of our clients face similar business challenges, no two businesses are alike. A well-built VMS platform is only as good as the plan put in place to operationalize it. We recognize that every business is unique and requires a customized strategic roadmap.

We’re here to present you with the best way to manage your vendor management processes. Book yourself a slot with our VMS experts.

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