Vendor Management Software (VMS), Statement of Work Management (SOW), Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Customizable VMS to our specific client’s needs and business objectives.

Strategic Initiatives driving Measurable Results

Vendor Management System

Our user friendly and fully customizable tool allows you and your team to track all aspects of the hiring process in real time. Flentis is easy to use for all members of your organization and can be scaled to support any project or workforce as needed.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Flentis has the capability to align itself to any and all aspects of an RPO project within your organization. Our staff can customize Flentis to the exact requirements of your end to end program and integrates effortlessly between your internal HR processes and your vendor’s systems.

We are currently looking for:

  • C# developers for our Mississauga, Ontario, Canada office.
  • Admin Assistants for our Mississauga, Ontario, Canada office.
  • Product Specialists for our Fargo, North Dakota and Mississauga, Ontario offices
  • Sales Executives for our Fargo, North Dakota and Mississauga, Ontario offices
  • Director of Sales North America for our Fargo, North Dakota and Mississauga, Ontario offices
  • VP of Sales North America for our Fargo, North Dakota and Mississauga, Ontario offices

To apply please send your resume to

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Approvals and Invoicing

Automated approvals, Timecard management and push/pull invoicing are all standard Flentis features. The ability to customize and configure on the fly as well as the ability to handshake effectively with any client billing system allow us to provide a pain free enhancement to your current program

Screening and Selection

Flentis is designed to work side by side and directly support any organization’s screening process. It is also fully scalable. Flentis can be configured to integrate directly with external background check systems and brings all aspects of the recruiting process into a single, unified database.


Flentis is the most cost effective VMS tool on the market.

Workforce Automation

User friendly technology available through a variety of mediums including full support for mobile devices

System Integration

Flentis has the ability to seamlessly handshake and integrate with any of your internal systems aligned to staffing.


Our flexible platform is built on an API model that also provide API’s to your company to further expand functionality and ease of use.


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8. Restrictions on Use
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9. Privacy
Your privacy is important to Flentis. Flentis's Privacy Policy sets out the measures we take to protect your confidential information, how you can control your confidential information and how your confidential information is used. Although we take reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of your confidential information, we cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of that information. Flentis recommends that you read the Privacy Policy which can be located at

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15. Indemnification

< 16. Default Rights and Remedies
Upon any failure by you to comply with your obligations to us, we shall have all of the rights and the remedies available to us, whether at law, in equity or otherwise, including, without limitation, rights and remedies under these terms and conditions of use and/or any policy adopted by us. Without limiting our rights and our remedies, we may turn your account over to a collection agency or a lawyer for collection. No delay or failure on our part in exercising any right or any remedy shall operate as a waiver of that right or that remedy and no single or partial exercise by us of any right or any remedy shall preclude other or further exercise of that right or that remedy or the exercise of any other right or any other remedy.

17. Limitation of Liability
You are subject to the limitations of liability contained in these terms and conditions and all ancillary terms and conditions adopted by us. In the event that, notwithstanding such limitations of liability, we are determined to be liable to you in connection with any transaction between us and you pursuant to these terms and conditions and/or the ancillary terms and conditions, our liability to you shall be limited to the greater of (a) the amount, if any, that you paid in such transaction or (b) $100. We are not, in any event, liable for any consequential, exemplary or indirect damages.

18. Absence of Relationship
The sole relationship between you and us is a purchaser-seller relationship. No other relationship, including, without limitation, any agent-principal relationship, any employee-employer relationship, any franchisee-franchisor relationship, any joint venture relationship or any partnership relationship exists between us.

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These terms and conditions and all ancillary terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. These terms and conditions and the ancillary terms and conditions are intended to be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. If any term of the same is held to be unenforceable for any reason, such unenforceability shall not affect the other terms of the same and the term that would otherwise be unenforceable shall be enforced to the fullest extent that it would be enforceable.

22. Assignment
Flentis reserves the right to assign any or all of our rights and obligations hereunder as we, in our sole discretion, determined appropriate or necessary, without the consent of you. These terms and conditions and all ancillary terms and conditions shall be binding on all permitted assigns and successors of us and you.

23. Waiver
The failure of Flentis to exercise any of our rights upon a breach of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions or any of the ancillary terms and conditions shall not be deemed a waiver as to any subsequent breach.

24. Costs and Expenses Related to Collection
In the event that Flentis must take any action against you to enforce your obligations under these terms and conditions and/or any ancillary terms and conditions, including, without limitation, turning your account over to a collection agency or a lawyer for collection, you shall pay all of the costs and the expenses incurred by us, including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees, in connection with such action.

25. Further Assurances
You covenant and agree that you and your successors and permitted assigns will sign further agreements, assurances, papers and documents and generally do and perform or cause to be done and performed such further and other acts and things that may be necessary or desirable by us from time to time in order to give full effect to this Agreement, the ancillary policies and every part hereof.

26. Force Majeure
If we cannot perform any obligation hereunder as a result of any event that is beyond our control, our delay or failure to perform, such obligation shall be excused and we shall not be liable for any damages as a result of, or in connection with, such delay or such failure.
If you have any questions or concerns relating to the terms and conditions or to any of its ancillary terms and conditions, please contact us via e-mail at or by telephone at 1-888-541-5551

These terms and conditions are subject to all applicable Canadian laws and regulations.

Privacy Policy

Flentis Corporation ("Flentis", “we”, “us”) respects your privacy. This "Privacy Policy" summarizes what personal information we collect, and how we use and disclose this information.

By using our website,, and/or the applications we develop (including but not limited to FlentisPRO vendor management software) (together, the "Applications"), you signify your consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use this Website or submit any personal information to us.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We will reflect any such modifications to this Privacy Policy on our website. Your continued use of our Applications will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around privacy and personal information including but not limited to this Privacy Policy, as revised.

What Personal Information We Collect

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual ("Personal Information"). We collect Personal Information when you voluntarily provide it through our Applications, or when you provide it to us through other means, including but not limited to: email, telephone, mail; or other correspondence; or register for our services.

The Personal Information we may collect will depend on the service you request, and may include your full name, contact information, such as your address, telephone number, or email address; any other Personal Information that you choose to submit to us. If you access our Applications through social media applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, we may obtain Personal Information from said accounts.

How We Collect Information Through Technological Means

When you use our Applications, we may collect information that is automatically sent to us by your web browser. This information may include your domain name and your IP address. We may also collect other information, such as the type of browser you use, which pages you view, and the files you request.

We use this information to better understand how our Applications are used and to improve our Applications to better meet your needs. The amount of information that is sent by your web browser depends on the browser and settings you use. Please refer to the instructions provided by your browser if you want to learn more about what information it sends to websites you visit, or how you may change or restrict this.

We may use "cookies" and other similar devices on our Applications to enhance functionality. These devices may track information which includes, but is not limited to: (i) IP address; (ii) the type of web browser and operating system used; and (iii) the pages of the Applications visited. If you wish to disable cookies, refer to your browser help menu to learn how. If you disable cookies, you may be unable to access some features on our Applications.

How We Use and Discloses Personal Information

The Personal Information we collect may be used by us for the purposes for which it was collected, as provided in this Privacy Policy, or for other purposes that are disclosed to you and to which you consent. Where we disclose Personal Information to third parties that perform services on our behalf, we will require those third parties to use such information solely for the purposes of providing services to us and to have appropriate safeguards for the protection of that Personal Information.

Some or all of the personal information we collect may be stored or processed in jurisdictions outside of Canada, including the United States. As a result, this information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts, or law enforcement in those jurisdictions according to laws in those jurisdictions.

We reserve the right to transfer Personal Information in the event that we merge with or are acquired by a third party. We also may disclose your Personal Information for any other purpose permitted by law or to which you consent.

How We Protect Personal Information

The security of your Personal Information is important to us. We protect your Personal Information by maintaining physical, organizational and technological safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of such Personal Information. Personal Information may only be accessed by persons within our organization who require such access to provide you with the services indicated above. We retain Personal Information that we collect only as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or to meet legal requirements. We destroy Personal Information when it is no longer needed.

The Applications provides links to other third party content. Even if the third party is affiliated with Flentis, through a business partnership or otherwise, Flentis is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices or the content of such external links. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of the content contained on those websites and/or other applications. You enter those sites at your own risk. A link to the same should not be construed to mean that we are affiliated or associated in any way or that we endorse or recommend those websites and/or applications. These links are provided to you for convenience purposes only and you access them at your own risk.

Access and Rectification

You have a right to access to your Personal Information and to request a correction to it if you believe it is inaccurate. If you have submitted Personal Information and would like to have access to it, or if you would like to have it corrected, please contact us using the contact information provided below.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or to access your information, please contact our Privacy Officer at


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