Meet FlentisPRO

FlentisPRO – taking your Programs, Staffing Partners and Talent Management to the next level.

Manage your Staff

Modern, Modular and Simple User Interface, only load permission items you need for you and your staff.


FlentisPRO supports over 50 languages.

Contingent and Full time

No matter what your job type is we support it, FlentisPRO is extremely flexible and supports job creation and management for contingent, part-time, full time, continental, daily shift, in and out and much more.

Control Designated Spending

Our easy and advanced dashboard functions allow you to know where spending is been allocated and by whom, when and how.

Talent Management at your fingertips.

We’ve built a simple way to manage things such as:

  • Customize rules as you see fit by using our admin application.
  • Recruit.
  • Hire.
  • Retail and Develop your employees.
  • Manage your staffing partners.
  • Manage document compliance.
  • Assign eLearning modules at the click of a button.

Access to on demand reports.

Endless possibilities to report using our predefined templates or use your own. No need to call IT to create reports.

We know how busy you are that is why we have built our reporting with you in mind. With our reporting engine you can:

  • Use functionality reporting engine and have it to automatically send reports for you to your staffing partners.
  • Customize your reports, save and send them to your colleagues so they can run it on their own.
  • Export reports in a multitude of format including PRINT, HTML, CSV, EXCEL, IMAGE, PDF etc.
  • Access Raw data and modify queries as you would using drag and drop in excel.
  • Report in your favourite charts including COLUMN, LINE, BAR, SCATTER, PIE, STACKED COLUMNS, COLUMN PIE and much more.
  • Filter reports on demand whetter you are reporting in RAW DATA or CHART.

and much much more.

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