About us

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • Vision


    To provide exceptional tools for procuring and managing workforces.

  • Mission


    Procuring workforces:  To enable organizations to streamline and automate their hiring processes, leading to organization-wide cost savings, better planning, budgeting, and forecasting of human resources.

    Managing workforces:  To streamline and support the tracking, scheduling, and training of human resources – leading to increased organizational productivity.

  • Values


    Family – We treat every client and its people like members of our team.

    Achievement – We thrive in successfully completing all of our implementation and projects.

    Integrity – We will always do what is correct and truthful for our clients.

    Friendship – We value the relationships we have with our clients’ employees.

    Communication – We believe in an open channel of communication.

    Teamwork – Our team will cooperate and work with your team(s) to achieve all goals.

  • History

    • Founded by experts in business, staffing and technology
    • Founded in 2017
    • HQ in North Dakota, USA and Ontario, Canada.
    • Over 50 years of combined leadership and management experience.
    • Development of FlentisPRO began early 2017 and was completed mid 2018 ending with successful User Acceptance.

  • Approach

    We understand every business is different and unique and we ensure our deployments FIT your needs. At Flentis our team will work with you to make our tools work for your business.

  • Culture

    We thrive to foster and develop our people.

    At Flentis we define our company’s culture as:

    • A Fun place to work offering respect and fairness to all.
    • Always focusing on been results oriented.
    • Foster the importance and understanding of caring for each other.
    • Always learning and showing our clients we care and provide excellent customer service to all our clients.
    • Offer amazing career paths, learn and grow.
    • We meet weekly as a team to discuss the direction of the company to emphasize the important of the job each employee has this also allows us to have more employee engagement.

FlentisPRO is our Next Gen Cloud Based VMS (Vendor Management System) developed using the latest technologies allowing businesses to use and manage the entire workforce lifecycle and to enhance capabilities of MSP’s.

FlentisPRO was created keeping in mind the current staffing MSP trend and its challenges.
Our cloud based system complies with GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA and more. We also connect to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud.

Data within the tool is secure and hosted based on the clients requirements and location.

FlentisPRO is a game changer bringing ease of use and taking your procurement and management of your workforce to the next level by implementing state of the art features available to anyone who uses our software.

Leadership Team

Aseem Anand
Managing Partner
Rakesh Arora
Managing Partner
Gregory Battig
Vaibhav Kumar
VP Accounts