At Flentis we believe you should be in command when it comes to your workforce. We provide you with state of the art technology, business model, configuration and support.

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FlentisPRO – Advanced Technology For The Future Of Work

You have projects and tasks that need to be completed, and roles to be filled. To get the talent you need, we provide a single platform to acquire talent from multiple channels, including full and part-time workers, staffing agencies, independent contractors (1099), SOW providers and freelance/gig workers.

FlentisPRO is the only platform that provides a fully automated solution for every type of talent acquisition and management process. Our unique platform is the only one that includes VMS (Vendor Management System), ATS (Applicant Tracking System), Talent Pools, LMS (Learning Management System), and Document Management Functionality.


Vendor Management System


Application Tracking System


Video Meeting


Talent Pool and Customer Relationship Management


Learning Management System 




Document and Credential Management System

S & C

Scheduling and Calendar

Our Solutions

Quickly Fill Open Requisitions

  • Create a requisition in 2-3 clicks.
  • Automatically distribute to your supply base, to job boards or to your career page.
  • Communicate with candidates from within the platform – send an email or text message, and even invite them to a video interview with our embedded technology.

Manage talent pools

  • Create benches of talent based on skill set, location or type of worker.
  • Pools can include:
  • Current employees who want to pick up extra shifts.
  • Silver- or Bronze- medalists that you want to receive future opportunities.
  • Past contractors that you would like to utilize in the future.

Measure Supplier and Program Performance

  • Track KPIs in real time.
  • Generate scorecards for supplier and program reviews.

Create schedules for your workforce

  • Create schedules for your department, unit or functions.
  • Graphically see open and filled roles and shifts, contractor start/end dates, and other important activities.
  • Move workers to different days/shifts to accommodate changes in your needs.

Track Charges and Invoices

  • Track time and expenses against cost centers and budgets.
  • Understand how much you are spending by supplier, worker and skill set.

Manage Compliance

  • Organize required documentation, contracts, credentials and licenses.
  • Track expiration dates.
  • Send notifications for non-compliance.

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